Getting to know me…

I have a few great loves in my life and they are infused throughout everything I do.  Colour is a must. A world without colour would be less alive, less real. My house, my clothes, my art, all must be rich with colour.

Unless of course we are talking about photography because then black and white become magical.  In a past life I was a cinematographer and for me, it was all about light, shadow and composition. I left the film industry in search of something else and have become and an artist to fulfill all my passions. My love of travel, history, photography, reading, colour, light and composition can all be explored.  My favourite aspect of all of this is that I get to create and learn and be surrounded by beauty everyday.

Here are some of my favourite things:

Movies – Confessions of a Dangerous Mind dir. George Clooney

Book – The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Nieffenger

Song – One by U2

Artists – Caravaggio

Please share your favourites with me.


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